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Second Workshop and Co-production Meeting of Latin American Cinema Schools in Quito from May 1st to 8th.




Second Workshop and Co-production Meeting of Latin American Cinema Schools in Quito, Ecuador from May 1st to 8th of 2011, organized by INCINE. In the event, there were long feature film projects and Cinema schools representatives from 10 Latin American countries: ENER/Argentina, LA FÁBRICA/Bolivia, FAP/Brazil, UNITEC/Colombia, EICTV/Cuba, PUCP/Peru, ECU/ Uruguay, INCINE/ Ecuador, and also Invited schools such INSAS from Belgium & UCLA from USA.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's work together

 Im working on this beautiful latin american project called DURAZNO is the first creative doc project in Bolivia & Argentina made with crowdfunding. We need your help! From only 3 $ you can become producer of this film! Check it out. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

LizBeth - Nuestra Deusa

Today, we are going to pay a special homage to LizBeth...the greatest friend, nurse, chauffeur, advisor just to cite a few ....Please, everyone tell me what she did for you when you were in Quito....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Durazno, Durazno....effective Marketing, a prospective partner

Is Co- Production a Necessary Evil?

"The Spanish have been able to capitalize on their geographic and linguistic location in respect to Latin America. . . . Language is an asset for them."

Javier Protzel, former director of the Peruvian National Cinematography Institute, 2003–6

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Huge Responsibility

Regardless my Brazilian heritage, it has been a unique experience of learning, networking and developing a strategy for my professional career. The most interesting was to observe the other side of the equation -- How Latin American filmmakers & producers are dealing with new modes of film production, co- production and consumption and its inherent hegemonic dominance of Hollywood or if I can extend, to Europe in movie theaters. Also, interesting to learn how their governments have subsidized their film industries.

I felt doubled honored, first for being a true defendant of independent & Latin American Cinema and second for representing UCLA-TFT – one of the most reputable cinema schools in the US. I endorse here, the advantages of participating in a program like this both as a graduate student of film criticism and filmmaker. Our active participation in sessions and workshops, film screenings, bright ideas from experts have been of great contribution.

Globalization Vs. National Cinema

I have been questioning the power of a National Cinema for long time, if there is a precise definition for National Cinema. Whether or not, film provides a unique window to other cultures, It is irrefutable how films are richly embeded with information about people and places. It is indeed that a particular national cinema carries their own stories and their particular style of filmmaking.